Trusting Inner Guidance: Unraveling the Purpose Behind Unexpected Outcomes

awakening reflection (blog post) Nov 29, 2021
Adorable French Bulldog puppy, a symbol of unexpected twists on the path of inner guidance.

By Dr Shuna Marr

Why are we drawn to do something and then it all goes pear-shaped?

Have you ever experienced that? Felt really drawn to do something - feeling light and expansive about it. Getting all the green flags that this is for your highest and best good - and yet when you go ahead with it, it all goes wrong and falls apart?
You’re left feeling bewildered and wondering what you did wrong?
It can be so easy to fall into believing that you made a ‘wrong and bad’ choice and to doubt your inner guidance.
You may think “how can I trust my inner guidance when it leads me to make mistakes?“

But are they mistakes?

Recently my son came to visit for dinner. He lives alone, and since lockdown began in March 2020 he has been working from home and so he’s been feeling increasingly isolated and lonely.
The chat that evening led to a discussion about getting a dog as a companion. He became really excited about it.
Within 24 hours we’d found the perfect puppy: a 4-month old French bulldog being sold by the breeder mum of a friend of mine.
My son wasn’t rushing into it. He took a few days to think about the responsibility he was taking on. He did his research. I went with him to visit the puppy, who was adorable.
I did a couple of card readings and did a ‘feel into the different options’ visualisation with him. We were getting all green lights and the messages coming through were that this was the best way to go.

So he went ahead ….

and within four days had to take the puppy back because he found he had an allergy to dogs.
He was devastated because even within 4 days he’d become attached to the beautiful wee pup.
So why was his inner guidance leading him to do this when it all fell apart so quickly?

And the answer is because it was a catalyst.

That ten day period, from coming up with the idea of getting a dog to having to return her, set him on a huge emotional roller coaster. He had to totally reorganise his apartment. He had to reevaluate his priorities. He came out of the experience a changed person.
He’s now seeing his life through a different pair of eyes.
He realises now that through this experience he was being shown patterns and aspects of his life that were no longer serving him and were ready to shift.
He said to me “Mum, how could I not see what a small life I’d been living?”

And that’s the purpose of these types of catalyst.

To shake things up and initiate change.
Change doesn’t happen when we feel comfortable. Where’s the motivation to change in that? It’s why we can get stuck in a groove. It’s not until something comes along to jolt us out of that groove that we are forced to reevaluate things.
Our soul knows when it’s time to move on. When an experience is played out and ready to be left behind, we are drawn to the thing that will help us move onto a new path.

However, the catalyst isn’t always the end result.

Like my son with the puppy, a new life with a puppy companion wasn’t the end goal of the catalyst, but to initiate change and a reevaluation of his life.
The experience broke open his heart and from that, growth can occur.
He’s now opening himself up to new possibilities and changing his life.
Big shifts have occurred.
So don’t be afraid of following your heart and trusting your inner guidance even when it seems at first that it’s not working out. Our inner wisdom recognises the signs when it's time to transition. However, the purpose of the catalyst isn't always its direct result; it's about the transformation it initiates.
In my son's journey, the pup wasn't the endgame; it was about propelling him toward transformation and growth.

Ultimately, the heartbreak triggered by the experience became the springboard for growth, ushering in new possibilities.
So, as you navigate the unpredictable terrain of life, remember to stay true to your inner compass. Even when the path seems twisted, trust that the journey of love will lead you to your ultimate good. After all, each curve might be steering you toward exactly where you belong.

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