Why the Energy of our New Year Resolutions Matters

awakening reflection (blog post) conscious parenting life Dec 31, 2022
Image of New Year resolutions, symbolizing personal growth and intentions.

by Roslyn Jayne

As we prepare for the end of one year and the beginning of the next, many people start to think ahead to new goals, challenges and resolutions. 

At this time, I’d like to invite you to consider whether the resolutions and goals you are planning are coming from a place of lack or abundance?

Are you creating your resolutions from an energy of fear or of joy?

“What do you mean, and what does this have to do with conscious parenting?” I hear you say…

...well I'm coming to that, I promise. 

Often people decide on New Year’s resolutions like “I want to lose weight”, “I want to be more organised”, “I want to take up crafting”.

These are all fine goals, but they’re so often based in an energy of lack and unworthiness.

  • Wanting to lose weight (because you feel unacceptable or unlovable as you are)
  • Wanting to be more organised (to try and keep up with the increasingly stressful demands on your time)
  • Wanting to take up crafting (to recreate the Pinterest-perfect home decor you see on social media). 

Now here’s where we come to the conscious parenting bit…



So, if we are looking outwith ourselves for validation...

...striving for acceptance from society by making ourselves “fit in” rather than honouring our authentic selves...

...feeling unworthy and unacceptable as we are...

... then that’s what we’re modelling to our children.

That’s what we will pass on to them and they will carry forward with them for another generation. 

So, what can we do about it?

Shouldn’t we set goals?

Yes, absolutely you can set goals, but first you can reframe the energy and intention behind them. 

Reframing is such a powerful tool, and it can make such a huge difference to your attitude and feelings towards your goals. 

So, for example...

  • rather than deciding to lose weight to be thinner (aka 'more socially acceptable'), you may decide to support your body and love and honour it by feeding it nourishing, unprocessed foods. 
  • instead of seeing your life as 'lacking' organisation (aka you not being 'good enough' at managing your time), you may decide to review and offload unnecessary demands on your time
  •  Instead of deciding to take up crafting to try and keep up with the latest trends (aka 'fit in'), you may decide to take up a hobby that brings you joy and allows you to engage your creativity. 

You may reach the same destination but the road you travel will be one of love, joy, self-acceptance and peace, rather than once based in fear, self-reproach and unworthiness.

Ultimately, which path would we like to lead our children along? 

So, when you’re thinking ahead to the new year, and what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, ask yourself this question:

“WHY am I setting this goal?”.

If you find an answer based in fear and lack then you know you have some inner work and reframing to do. ❤️

I wish you all a joyous new year full of peace and love. Warmest wishes from our family to yours as we continue our conscious parenting journey into 2023. 


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